Terms and Conditions

To ensure we can allow as many people to race as possible, it is important that every racer is registered and arrives 30 minutes before your first race, or you may forfeit your races.
This will allow enough time for us to confirm your booking and ensure that everyone is completely ready.

As a hygiene precaution, all racers will be required to wear a balaclava under their helmet, unless they bring their own Australian standard helmet. We sell balaclavas for $4 each.

You must leave a 30 minute gap between races!
It is possible to make this mistake if you make two separate bookings or book two different types of karts and expect the same person to race in both. If you do this, that person will miss the second race!
No refunds or replacements will be issued for missed races.

It is not safe for Jr Karts and any other kart type to race at the same time. Jr karts will race separately from all other karts.
Jr Kart racers must be at least 7 years old, and must be at least 120cm tall.
Adult Kart racers must be at least 13 years old, and must be at least 140cm tall.

While racing at our centre, you must agree to:
- have zero alcohol present in your body and submit a breath test before racing
- wear closed toe shoes
- have no loose clothing or hair
- not hold Hyperdrive Kart racing liable for any injuries or damages that occur while driving our karts

If any team member decides that it is not safe for you to race for any reason, you will forfeit your races.
We strongly advise against racing when pregnant.
Races will end when the first person finishes their last lap, or 9 minutes after the race has been started, whichever comes first.
If you can't make your booking time, we may allow you to transfer to a different race time if you contact us prior to 24 hours before your booking time at our discretion. This is not guaranteed, so please contact us as early as possible on info@hyperdrive.racing

No bookings will be refunded within 3 months of the race date.

All multiple race purchases are to be used on the same day or may be forfeit.

Races are 18 laps maximum for adult karts on the Sprint Track and 8 laps maximum on the Enduro Track, 16 laps maximum for Jr karts on the Sprint Track and 16 laps maximum on the Enduro Track, or 9 minutes maximum, whichever is sooner. Almost all races go the full distance before the time elapses. As soon as the first racer crosses the line, the race is finished. Usually the group won't be slowed to enter the pits until at least half a lap after the first racer crosses the finish line. This means if the supplementary racers are only half a lap behind the leader, they will finish their lap at full speed also.

We require all December bookings to be fully paid before the 1st of December! If you have paid a 50% deposit please make sure the remainder is paid by this date or your booking time slot may be offered to others.

For large bookings in December, please be aware that we will not accept any booking cancellations, major alterations, or date changes after the 30th of November.
Slight amendments may be possible at the manager's discretion with plenty of notice.
We do not offer refunds for bookings, however depending on the situation a credit may be offered, depending on when the cancellation is made. Cancellations in November = 25% of total booking may be credited, cancellations in October = 50% total booking may be credited, and cancellations in September = 75% of total booking may be credited. The credits will be at the manager's discretion.