The 8-week competition will run like a typical Grand Prix over the course of
the first two weeks. Each competitor will get to race 3 heats per night: a
practice, a qualifier, and a race with grid start. Then over the course of the
next 6 weeks, the 3 heats may be a qualifier, a race with grid start, and a
reverse grid start race or reverse track race.
Participants will race against the same competitors and will rotate karts each
week, so that every participant drives each kart.
Points will be allocated for each position race, whether regular, reverse grid,
and reverse track.
Position (Top
Position (5th
Some races will have reduced points which will be
Position (Top
Position (5th
Also, 1 point will be awarded to the qualifying pole-setter (fastest lap), and 1
point for fastest lap of each race.
The three top scorers of both the competition will each be awarded a trophy
and a prize of free racing[1]. The winners will be announced and awarded
their prizes at the Grand Finale event, explained below.
One week (week 9) after the competition has concluded there will be a
Grand Finale event for the Adult Champion League. All Junior League racers
will be invited to participate in a one lap exhibition shootout at the Grand
Finale event and receive their prizes at the awards ceremony. We strongly
encourage all participants to attend this event.
We expect competition leagues will run every week apart from over the
Christmas period.
The cost is $45 per competition evening, plus a once only annual fee of $160
that can be used for multiple competitions over a 12-month period.[2] The
annual fee also includes a Hyperdrive balaclava, a Hyperdrive Jr Champion
League T-shirt, as well as a Champion League Discount.[3]
If you are unable to race on a particular week, you will be able to send
someone in your place to score points for you, however the $45 per week
will be charged whether someone races in your place or not.
Payment can be made via a one-off payment or paid weekly via a Debit
Success payment plan over 8 weeks.
Fees if it is the 1st time competing within 12 months (this payment
includes the annual fee) you can pay outright with a slight discount
or go on to a payment plan with fees.
One off payment - $510
Weekly payments - $65 per week plus Debit Success direct debit fees
Fees if already paid the annual fee within 12 months (this payment
does not include the annual fee) you can pay outright with a slight
discount or go on to a payment plan with fees.
One off payment - $350
Weekly payments - $45 per week plus Debit Success direct debit fees
League Rules
Arrival Time
Please arrive at Hyperdrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first heat time
for the first two weeks and last week. At least 20 minutes prior to your first
heat time for all other weeks. Heats may start early on some evenings. Late
drivers will most likely forfeit their heat/s. Charges will still apply.
Race Roster and Announcements
A race time roster will be sent out before the start of the league competition.
Please join our Facebook Champion League page for all the latest updates.
To keep things fresh and fun over the eight weeks, we may change the
schedule on the night. In this case, a vote will be taken to determine what
everyone would like to do.
Kart Numbers
Each racer will have a different kart number each week. There will be 8
different karts amongst the 8 competitors. The assigned kart will be used for
the practice, qualifying, and race heat on each evening. Some karts may be
faster than others. It is the racers’ goal to make the most of that kart on
that evening.
Official Rule Book Location and Updates
There will be a master copy of the rule book always available at this location
Heat Types
Practice Heat[4]
This heat is to get comfortable with the kart you have been assigned for the
night. You will have this kart for the entire Grand Prix. You cannot choose
karts or switch karts.
Qualifying Heat
During the Qualifying heat, try to set the best lap time in your kart. The
fastest lap time will start in pole position for the final race and will receive 1
bonus point.
Grid Start Race Heat
The race heat will be a grid start race, racing for position. Your start position
will be determined by the qualifying round best lap time.
Reverse Grid Race Heat
This race heat will be a reverse grid start race, racing for position. Your start
position will be determined by your finishing position from the regular grid
start race.
Reverse Track Race Heat
Just like a regular grid start race, but running the opposite way on the track.
Also, penalties are given for hitting the barriers in these races.
There’s a quick medal ceremony after all the racing is finished for each
week. Points and results will be posted on the Hyperdrive Facebook page
after each night has concluded.
Track Rules & Penalties
Qualifying Penalties
If a racer is driving slow and does not do everything they can to stay out of
the way (off the racing line) of qualifiers that are on a flying lap, they will be
given a one place penalty.
Racing Penalties
There will be 5 and 10 second slowed penalties given for breaking rules. The
penalties will be given out by one of the track referees. All penalties are
Penalties will slow your kart down for 5 or 10 seconds, after the 5 or 10
seconds, your kart will automatically speed back up.
Penalties will be applied in accordance with the rules. Track referees will be
as consistent with penalties as possible.
You must not press the accelerator pedal before the start lights go green.
You must not push another kart into the barriers. If any 2 karts are side by
side on the track, then the kart on the outside of the track or any corner
must give space to the kart on the inside of any corner of at least one kart’s
You must not bump another kart on purpose. Small bumps will be allowed,
however any move from a racer that bumps another kart which causes the
other kart to lose traction or spin out will result in a penalty, whether on
purpose or accident.
You must not remove items off your person in a way that affects other
Diving into a corner and bumping another kart will result in a penalty. The
racer must hold a position next to the other racer before the corner to be
able to utilise the inside line of the corner.
In all races you must not hit the barriers too hard or push someone into the
barriers, or you will be given a penalty.
We will be especially strict with penalties on the hairpin corner at the end of
the straight outside and the hairpin corner on the inside.
If you are involved in a crash, the track staff will assist in getting the kart
back on track correctly. Racers may be slowed down in the interest of safety,
and the crashed karts may be allowed to join in at the back of the pack after
a crash.
If your karts are slowed or stopped because of a crash, you must not
overtake any karts that are not involved in the crash.
Track referees’ decisions are FINAL.Please do not dispute
decisions with track referees at any time.
You may not receive a penalty as soon as an infraction of the rules has
occurred, this is because track referees may need to confirm which racer
was at fault before the penalty is given. Penalties could happen up to 2 laps
after an infraction.
Penalties may be given in three different places on track. On the main
straight outside, after the esses on the inside track, on the straight that
leads back inside from outside.
If you know you have been given a penalty, stick to the side of the track you
are already on.
General Rules
The competition league is designed to be a fun event that anyone who meets
the minimum age and height requirements can compete in. Any competitor
or spectator that does not compete or spectate in the spirit of fun, may be
penalised, or asked to leave the centre. Please do not compete if you feel
that you may take the competition too seriously.
Abuse of staff members will not be tolerated.
All competitors must be 7-12 years or above in age, and 120cm or above to
If you are sick or cannot make it to your race for some reason, then you
may have someone else race in your place. The replacement must be
registered as a Hyperdrive customer and they must abide by the rules. It is
up to you to provide a copy of the rules to anyone who may race in your
place, and ensure they are aware of them all.
Any substitute racer will be penalised 4 points, or eight points if they are a
past or present league racer or Hyperdrive staff member. Reserve drivers
that race in week eight will only get 50% of points.
If multiple infractions continue to occur over multiple occasions, a Track
Marshal may place a 1 race suspension on the driver. If further infractions
occur this will increase to 2 weeks, and then If they continue, the competitor
may be asked to leave the League if unable to comply. No refunds will be
given, and any costs will still incur.
Hyperdrive will continue to maintain all karts to a very high standard,
however, should a kart breakdown in the middle of a heat, everything will be
done to repair or replace the kart as quickly as possible. However, as
breakdowns are a part of real racing events, no compensation or advantage
towards the competition will be given should this occur. Hyperdrive may offer
a free race to use at another time, however.
There are many other fun activities and side events that may occur over the
course of the Champion League, these will be covered either on the first
evening of your league or as the League Progresses.
Please register your interest here
[1] Terms and conditions apply.
[2] The annual fee expiration will be extended if the competition must be
postponed for any reason. Hyperdrive hopes to run 5 lots of competitions
over the course of 12 months
[3] The league discount is valid for the nine weeks of your competition. The
discount applies to the competition racer only and can be used multiple
times per day.
[4] All heats will be 18 laps on the Sprint Track and 8 Laps on the Enduro